Topics Covered:  Late Fees, Partial Payments, Judgments, Right of Redemption, Rent Escrow, and Eviction Prevention.

This video shows the importance of documenting partial payments, understanding late fees and judgments.


It also shows how a judge may be sympathetic to hard times financially, but upholds the owners right to collect rent. He touches on the eviction prevention unit, which may be a resource you can offer your tenant to help get the rent paid, prior to going to court. We provide a Rent Payment Resources page the may provide sources of assistance for your tenants to pay the rent that is owed.

NOTE: If your case makes it to Rent Escrow, it will likely be long, drawn out, timely, and consuming process. If you as the landlord are out of state and don’t have a local manager, you may want to consider doing everything possible to prevent this from happening, including concessions that can be agreed between you and the tenant. If the tenant does have legitimate life, safety, or health concerns then you as the landlord you need fulfill your obligations and make those repairs. If however, the complaints are nefarious, it may not be worth the hassle because inspectors will always find something that can be improved. Interpretations of life, safety and health concerns are wide ranging. If this is particularly a challenging tenant, consider offering some concessions and an early termination of the lease. The legal process can be long and expensive.

NEXT: The   third  video    details the final day  of the eviction process, after the FTPR filing and judgment of possession.

Credit to the Megaphone Project for this video.