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Want to be Fully Prepared for your Eviction Case?
See Maryland Rent Court in Action

What to expect before, during and after court

This video series offers  different types of cases and situations that may arise in rent court. It will help the landlord see an example and prepare necessary documentation for RCM to argue your case. 

NOTE: Rent Court Manager (RCM) does not collect money on behalf of the landlord as shown in this video. You must notify RCM of any monies collected prior to court by updating your case in the portal. If all rent money owed was collected, dismiss the case on the portal.

**Credit to the   Megaphone Project   for these videos.


Video 1:   

Topics Covered: What happens before court, burden of proof, and evidence. Wondering what to expect in Rent Court?

While this video advocates for the tenant, it does a great job of providing an overview of the Rent Court experience for the landlord. 


Video 2:   

Topics Covered:   Late Fees, Partial Payments, Judgments, Right of Redemption, Rent Escrow, and Eviction Prevention.

This video shows the importance of documenting partial payments, understanding late fees and judgments.



Video 3:   

Topics Covered: Judgement of Possession, Warrant of Restitution, Eviction Day and Documentation of Notices.

This video details the final day  of the eviction process, after the FTPR filing and judgment of possession.