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File & Forget!
Fast & Simple Filing | Super Accessible Support | Regular Case Updates

We understand the hassle of having to take your tenants to court. In addition to days lost at the courthouse, you likely spend hours trying to track down the status of your cases. And let’s not forget the lost rent you’re racking up for each day in the process ($40/day on average). The nuance of the law from one jurisdiction to the next is astonishing. We make understanding evictions clear so you can make an informed decision and have increased confidence regarding the eviction process.


Fast & Simple Filing

We pride ourselves in having the simplest case filing interface, requiring no legalese on your part. Upload your property info and file claims in just a few clicks - and we'll take it from there!


Super Accessible Support

Have a question? We will personally answer your call, no voicemail! Prefer email? You can reach us directly at any time, with a guaranteed response within two hours!


Regular Case Updates

No more wasted time tracking down the status of your case! Get timely notifications on filing status, changes & completion - plus, reminders when it’s time to file so you don’t miss out on additional rent.


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24/7 Online Dashboard

Our easy-to-navigate online dashboard gives you 24/7 access to your case status.

Simple Question Wizard

Our step-by-step question wizard prevents you from having to know legalese.

Attorney Representation

Unlike other services that use agents,  our attorneys are prepared to argue your case on your behalf.

Bulk Filing: Beta

Easily upload property information and file failure-to-pay-rent complaints in bulk.