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    Bulk Eviction Filing with Rent Court Manager

    File hundreds or thousands of eviction cases a month - as low as $5/case!

    Benefits You'll Enjoy:

    • Pricing from $45 (or as low as $21 per case filing depending on volume!)
    • Participation in our Filing Rebate Program (earn cash back monthly!)
    • Filing of the the Failure to Pay Rent (form DC/CV 82) with the Maryland District Court
    • Notice served by Sheriff on the property to the tenant(s)
    • Eviction Case Management to track & manage your case through completio
    • Acquiring a Court Date (notification sent to you by email)
    • Attorney Representation
    • Court appearance on your behalf
    • A Dedicated Account Manager
    • Our Staff will upload your Property and Lease Information
    • Pay by Online Check

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