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We've got your back!
DIY Landlords are often and unknowingly exposed to enormous legal and financial risk.
We're here to provide the skills and tools to help them achieve success.

We help the DIY Landlord sidestep the minefield of legal nuance with confidence and ease, simply and affordably.

Focus on the outcome and all can win.

One of every two DIY Landlords loses money on their rental property each year.  Many first discover they are legally non-compliant after a hardship triggers legal action. Consequently, landlords suffer a more severe loss as a result of delays to first become compliant before the legal action is resolved.

Strengthening a community of skilled do-it-yourself (diy) landlords improves legal compliance, and the rental family well-being is improved through housing stability. The subsequent results are numerous derived health and social benefits for those families which helps strengthen those communities.

We want the same outcome as tenant advocates, improved housing stability. Even though the landlord motivation is different, which is to prevent turnover, the outcome is the same. The difference is our approach: Focus on providing prevention rather than relief after the hardship has occurred.

Improving landlord skills and improved technology is the foundation to solve complicated housing issues.

The legacy approach to resolve complicated housing issues has been to provide relief after some hardship has already occurred. Our innovation combines accelerated knowledge with smart software to help prevent hardship and avoid disputes from occurring.

We’re committed to changing the perception of maligned landlords. Unfortunately, headlines of a few unscrupulous landlords unfairly cast a dark shadow over the majority of landlords who are doing good.

Most small business and independent landlords are compassionate and generous.

They provide 53% of all rental housing nationwide. This is more than multi-family homes, and the majority of the housing they provide cater to the low income renter. The housing they provide is a high-risk endeavor, and is a significant contribution to the economy as a whole, and for local community and housing stability. Countless DIY landlords assist tenants during a time of need, and those stories remain untold. Stories of compassion and kindness happen everyday, and it's time those landlords begin to get the respect they deserve.

We’re here to strengthen the landlord voice and create a thriving community of rental housing providers.