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Ensure Your Eviction Case is Not Dismissed
Basic filing requirements you need to know

What are the requirements for filing with Rent Court Manager to ensure your case is timely filed and properly prepared so it’s not dismissed? Below is everything you'll need to best prepare for your case.    

Maryland Eviction Filing Requirements

  • A copy of the Lease for which you are filing.
  • A copy of the Tenant Ledger from the start of Tenant occupancy to the current date.
  • A copy of the Maryland Department of Environment (MDE) Lead Inspection Certificate if your property was built before 1978 (with a valid date for the current tenant in place).
  • A copy of the city registration and/or county license if applicable. Go to our blog post for Maryland county-by-county rental licensing requirements and registration requirements is available.  
  • A copy of the completed DOD Military Service Verification. This is federal law, and district courts are now enforcing this requirement. The tenant SS#, or Birth date, and Last Name are required to perform this verification. 
  • While not mandatory, generally it is helpful to know if you believe the tenant will likely contest the case, due to repairs, or some other reason. During the filing process, there is an opportunity provide a short narrative of the events that led to this filing, and be prepared to attach any supporting documentation for repairs, receipts and invoices of vendor payments, etc.
After the case has been filed, if the tenant makes a partial rent payment, the complaint value must be amended. If there is a full payment, you must dismiss the case via logging onto your online RCM account.

If you are filing an individual case using our Filing Wizard, you will have an opportunity to upload the above mentioned documents as you complete the Filing Wizard and answer each question. You will only need to upload documents listed above in items 1-4 one time. If you need to file on the same tenant for successive months, the only additional upload required will be an updated tenant ledger.

Provide us all of the documentation that you believe would support your claim or defense. If the relationship between you and your tenant is cantankerous, make sure we have evidence to defend any argument you imagine they may claim. If you anticipate the tenant making claims about repairs not being addressed and/or completed, submit appropriate supporting documentation for the defense of your case, i.e. work orders, receipts from contractors, etc.