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Immersive Training & Online Courses
Learn how to save more money, make more money
& navigate an increasingly complicated legal landscape

Whether you’re just starting out as a landlord or property manager, manage one or two rentals, or are a seasoned pro, this academy provides an incremental learning program on a variety of topics in a variety of formats.

New Courses Coming Soon

How to: Complete a DOD Verification for Rent Court

Learn the steps and requirements to search the DOD military service verification on your tenant for Rent Court.

How to: Fill out a Failure to Pay Rent Court Form

In this tutorial, learn the necessary steps to file the form and the necessary preparations for Rent Court

How to: File a Warrant of Restitution Eviction Court Form

Learn the requirements and steps to file the form and the necessary landlord obligations

How to: Prepare a Tenant Ledger for Rent Court

Learn expectations of the court for a written ledger of charges and payments. Learn what are allowable and prohibited charges before judgement.

 Understanding Rent Escrow & Maintenance Requirements

Did your rent case get attached to an escrow case? Get a basic overview of requirements and next steps.

Eviction Types: Quick Start Guide & General Overview

Understand key concepts and mechanics of Evictions in Maryland, key terms, and illegal or retaliatory evictions.