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Stop Using Free Landlord Forms & Leases
Guaranteed to be the most expensive free forms you'll wish you’d never used!

Landlords who begin using our eviction service come to us often having used generic downloaded “Free” landlord leases or other legal landlord forms. These generic forms expose them to great risk, don’t include local county special provisions, and often contain prohibited provisions due to local restrictions. The latest trend is to provide “Lawyer or Attorney Reviewed” landlord leases and forms.

You might as well put lipstick on a pig! All you’re going to get is a dressed up expensive hog that stinks. Any attorney can review any lease. It doesn’t mean they are adding value to your specific geographic requirements.

Buyer Beware!

  • What are the qualifications of that attorney?
  • Do they specialize in Real Estate Law?
  • Do they know local county requirements and restrictions? 

As a result of experiencing this first hand through our clients, it’s in our development roadmap to offer a solution rather than to just complain about the problem.

Currently Available

Commercial High-Volume Print Service

Carbonless Court Form Printing Service for Failure to Pay Rent & Warrant of Restitution Action

Some Maryland District Court Landlord Tenant forms are Carbonless and cannot be printed at home. Among those are the Failure to Pay Rent - Landlord’s Complaint for Repossession of Rented Property (DC-CV-082) and the Petition for Warrant of Restitution (DC-CV-081).

Benefits of our printing service:
  • No agent or software fees: Save thousands of dollars each month
  • No special software required: We can accept the data in a variety of formats
  • Superior quality over dot-matrix printing: Prevent unnecessary rework from returns & delays, reduce administration time & eliminate print time 

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What We're Working on for Release in 2018:

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State and County Specific Landlord Lease

Written by Expert Real Estate Attorneys Endorsed by the National Apartment Association

  • Reduce Risk and Free Updates: Protect yourself against changing laws and ensure legal compliance with active monitoring and updates to reflect new legislation or jurisprudence.

  • Flexibility: Customizable lease forms for your specific incentives and/or policies.

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