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Advocacy Work
Promoting better landlords, happier tenants & stronger communities

True advocacy is to listen to both sides, understand the desired outcome, and work together to achieve that outcome. Our advocacy work at diyRealty is done through our non-profit organization, Landlord411.

Landlords provide a valuable service to community and are a necessary provider of housing service. The mission of Landlord411 is to improve skills for the do-it-yourself landlord and enhance the customer service experience for their tenant.

Benefits of this Proactive Effort

  • Helps to mitigate landlord/tenant disputes
  • Assists landlords in avoiding  pitfalls and costly mistakes
  • Tenants enjoys improved housing stability, leading to health and social benefits for their family and community

How We Achieve These Benefits

  • Free Monthly educational workshops, either in-person our through our Landlord Academy. Topics include: 
    • Best practices as a landlord
    • Education of tenant/landlord law and policy
  • Sharing of resources and technology to assist in being better landlords
  • Community outreach to tenant advocacy groups as a resource
  • Advocacy to support responsiblze policy and legislation


Join Landlord411

We would love to have your participation in Landlord411. Join for free and have your voice heard! Membership is also a great way to stay in the loop on legislative matters affecting landlords.  We are not-for-profit, and we won’t bombard you with unnecessary email. We simply want to keep you informed on important matters affecting you and your properties.


Landlord 411

Landlord 411 is an advocacy group for the small business and independent landlord; founded by a landlord and former Property Manager, for landlords. The co-founder is an attorney focused on tenant/landlord law. This group is not-for-profit; it is a free exchange. Members consider themselves a do-it-yourself (diy) landlord, an accidental landlord, a small portfolio property investor and Property Managers.