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Every 1 of 2 DIY landlords loses money on their rental property each year.
Avoid being a statistic with our landlord superpowers!

Get the skills and tools to improve profitability, increase renter satisfaction,
and achieve next-level awesomeness!

We believe skilled housing providers = happier renters = strengthened communities

Most landlords operate far too simply -- and often inaccurately --  which unknowingly exposes their family to enormous legal and financial risk. Improving your skills can help you achieve the life you've imagined for you and your family. As a result, the renter experience and housing stability is improved; a superpower which strengthens community.
This is why we started diyRealty.co. We want to help the DIY Landlord smartly navigate a complicated legal landscape with confidence and ease, simply and affordably.

Our Approach

Knowledge is the elevator to success, and provides smart guidance when combined with the right Software. 
Legal Forms written properly based on jurisdiction reduce risk. Services provide an extra helping hand.


Immersive training and online courses designed to enhance the skills of both new and seasoned landlords! Learn how to save more money, make more money, and navigate an increasingly complicated legal landscape.



Save time & improve your bottom line with our software solutions designed to help new and experienced landlords navigate an increasingly complicated legal landscape.



Our form solutions  protect landlords from unnecessary risk often associated with generic form options currently available online.   Learn more about our high-volume court form printing  and lease review services.



Need a helping hand? Skip the trial and error and get work done correctly the first time. Get expert help when you need it from experienced providers.


Providing Landlords the Superpowers for Success 

We’re here to strengthen the landlord voice and create a thriving community of rental housing providers. 



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