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The Future of diyRealty
End-to-end software suite for the DIY landlord

We believe that skilled housing providers = happier renters = strengthened communities. A systematic and guided solution for landlords is diyRealty’s innovation to solve complicated housing issues to ease industry scrutiny.

What we're up to

DIY_circlegraphic_v3a.pngWe are developing an end-to-end suite of modular software that integrates workflows, training and resource needs based on jurisdiction, as shown in the pictographic.

We are beginning with immersion training resources in the Landlord Academy. A custom software for Maryland Landlords called Rent Court Manager is available in the Services and Marketplace. Maryland Court Forms are available, and we’ve created a proprietary print solution for the six-part carbonless paper forms.

Future enhancements to existing solutions and new modules will be released in 2018.