Court costs vary depending on jurisdiction and number of tenants being filed against.

Step 1: Failure to Pay Rent Filing 

For Baltimore City and the following counties: Baltimore, Howard, Montgomery, Prince George‚Äôs, Anne Arundel, Harford & Frederick: 

Number of Cases/Month:
1-3: $79.95 + court costs per case
4-9: $74.95 + court costs per case
10-19: $69.95 + court costs per case
Rates as low as $39.95 available - contact us!


For all other Maryland Counties: 

Number of Cases/Month:
1-19: $249.95 + court costs per case
If cases/month is greater than 20,  contact us   for unpublished bulk pricing! 

*These rural counties have fewer case filings per month, therefore economies of scale is less.

What's Included: 

  • Filing the Failure to Pay Rent (form DC/CV 82) with the Maryland District Court
  • Notice served by Sheriff on the property to the tenant(s)
  • Mailed copy of the court form to tenants address
  • Acquiring a Court Date (notification sent to you by email)
  • One court appearance on your behalf by an attorney in court prepared to argue your case
  • Notification of the judgment details to you by email

If during Step 1, the case is contested and your attorney does not have sufficient documentation to argue the case properly, we will dismiss the case so you can re-file. This is the least costly and fastest route. Otherwise, the case will be postponed. Rent Court Manager does not appear on your behalf for a continued case. Attorney fees are $350 per hour if the case is postponed for another trial date; and will likely be at least two hours of time and a delay of weeks until the next trial. This is why Rent Court Manager has adopted the cost saving procedure to dismiss, thereby allowing you to re-file the case at a fraction of the cost for a continued case.


Step 2: Eviction Filing 

$54.95 plus court costs

What's Included: 

  • Filing the Petition (form DC/CV 81) with the Maryland District Court
  • Notification reminders when eligible to contact the Sheriff to schedule eviction
  • All court costs, district court filing fees, Sheriff department fees, legal fees, and an attorney in court prepared to argue your case

Rent Court Manager provides the court procedure process management. Currently, we do not provide non-court procedure assistance. Please refer to the Maryland Eviction Process to understand landlord responsibilities. Baltimore city requires special notification.


Maryland Eviction Filing Requirements

Rent Court Manager will ensure your case is properly prepared to minimize the risk of an unfavorable judgement. The following information is requested:

  • A copy of the lease for which you are filing.
  • A copy of the Tenant Ledger (see Glossary of Eviction Terms), from the start of Tenant occupancy to the current date
  • A copy of the Maryland Department of the Environment (MDE) Lead Inspection Certificate if your property was built before 1978 (with a valid date for the current tenant in place)
  • A copy of the city registration or county license depending on jurisdiction of your property (if applicable)
  • While not mandatory, generally it is helpful to provide a short narrative of the events that led to this filing.
  • After the case has been filed, if the tenant makes a partial rent payment, the file must be updated.  If there is a full payment, you must dismiss the case via logging onto your online RCM account.

Sound overwhelming? Not to worry - we make it easy! 

If you are filing your cases through our batch processing, you will have an opportunity to upload an updated ledger for each filing. Other necessary documents will be uploaded during your account set-up by our administrator.

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We'll ask you to provide us with  all of the documentation that you believe would support your claim or defense. If the relationship between you and your tenant is cantankerous, we want to be certain that we have evidence to defend any argument you imagine they may claim. For examples, If you anticipate the tenant making claims about repairs not being addressed and/or completed, we'll ask that you submit appropriate supporting documentation such as  work orders, receipts from contractors, etc.