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Meet Brian Wojcik
Founder & CEO, diyRealty.co

Skilled housing providers = happier renters = strengthened communities 
This is the driving force for our Founder & CEO, Brian Wojcik.

Meet Brian

Wojcik Headshots-0001-small-255428-edited.jpgAs founder and CEO of diyRealty.co, Brian Wojcik founded Landlord411 to give back to the community from which he had previously built and sold a successful property management company. Monthly meetings were held and free training was provided.

While attending meetings on local legislative matters, Brian realized nobody else was standing for the little guy, the mom-and-pop rental housing provider who worked full time to support having a rental property or two on the side. Or those who became an accidental landlord due to  inheriting property or other life factors.

The mission of Landlord411pivoted into bringing a collective voice to legislative matters for private, individual and small-business rental housing providers. Research showed there was no legitimate national trade organization to represent the mom-and-pop small business and independent landlord on policy and legislative matters. The needs among this group are the primary drivers for the technology roadmap of diyRealty.co

Additional Involvement in Landlord Matters

Brian holds a Masters degree in Real Estate from Johns Hopkins University. He is a licensed Real Estate Broker in Maryland.


Connect with Brian

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