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Understanding the Eviction Process

8/14/17 1:17 PM Rent Court Manager Maryland Rental Property Owners, Evictions, Rent Court, Eviction Process

Want to avoid losing money and guard yourself against professional tenants who can use the eviction process against you? Check out the slideshow below, recently presented by Brian Wojcik, CEO of diyrealty.co, and Revee Walters of Offit Kurman to Meetup group Landlord411

In this slidedeck below, you'll learn the one thing that you can do best to avoid losing money and minimize legal risk, as well as: 

  • What the eviction process entails, step-by-step.
  • The types of Eviction Actions (Non-Payment of rent, Tenant Holding Over, Breach of Lease).
  • What a Money Judgement is and is not.
  • What can/will stop/delay an eviction; costing you time and money.
  • Common landlord mistakes and misnomers 

Need help filing an eviction case?
As landlords ourselves, we understand the hassle of having to take your tenants to court. In addition to days lost at the courthouse, you likely spend hours trying to track down the status of your cases. And let’s not forget the lost rent you’re racking up for each day in the process ($40/day on average). We'll handle your case for you, start to finish, with our easy system, automated case updates, and super accessible customer service - saving you time, money & stress. Get your free account to start filing today!

Rent Court Manager

Written by Rent Court Manager