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Rent Transparency Bill Needs your Support

Landlords, we have an opportunity to demonstrate support for an important legislative bill that impacts all of us.

Tenant advocates are showing up in droves to oppose Senate Bill 493. We need your support to ensure this bill passes!

Many of us landlords have experienced losses as a result of the Felicia Locket vs. Blue Ocean Case. Because of that case, most judges are not allowing utilities to be included in Rent Court cases.  Because "rent" has not been defined by the legislature,  landlords who request that utilities be included, such as unpaid water bills,   are subject to each judge's interpretation of the case.

Why do we need Senate Bill 493 to pass?

  • to create consistency and clarity statewide among District Court Judges; and
  • to allow the terms of a lease, as signed by both the Landlord and Tenant ,be enforced; and
  • to allow for unpaid utilities to be included in Rent Court filings.

Baltimore City Licensing for One and Two-Unit Rental Properties

Baltimore City County Council Bill 18-0185: 

On Monday, January 22nd, the Baltimore City Council introduced a licensing bill that has been in the works for some time. Some may recall an article I wrote last year on the topic. Mounting mayoral political pressure and a March 2017 report by the Center of Community Progress  were catalysts for what was an inevitable rental regulation strategy for the city - a licensing bill for one and two-unit rentals. It wasn't a question of if, but when.  The City Housing and Community Development Leadership Team deserve a ton of credit for their outreach and overriding goal to be inclusive in their aim to create responsible legislation.

As a member of the Maryland Multi-Housing Association, and a voice for the small business and independent landlord, there were two occasions  to meet in person and help give this bill some shape. There was also an opportunity to provide feedback on the drafts. Many suggested elements have been incorporated in some way, shape or form. The language drafting and thoughtfulness that went into creating   Bill 18-0185  was a measured and methodical approach in an attempt to create responsible legislation.

Is it without concerns? No. However, it could be a lot worse.

UPDATE: Baltimore City Bill 17-0113

Many thanks to everyone who voiced your opposition to potentially unconstitutional legislation introduced last month by the Baltimore City Council. I am happy to report that Baltimore City Bill 17-0113 has been placed "on hold," which I believe is a result of collective efforts by those who quickly stepped up in opposition. I can't thank you enough for joining the conversation and being a part of the collective voice for do-it-yourself landlords.

Baltimore City (and Maryland) Landlords: URGENT ACTION NEEDED

Baltimore City Council has overstepped their legal reach by introducing potentially Unconstitutional legislation.

On Monday, August 14th, the City Council introduced a bill that will be devastating to Baltimore City Landlords. And as with most legislation, if passed, it can be a catalyst for adoption into surrounding counties, and potentially the state. Your voice needs to be added to the conversation!