Petition Success!

3/17/17 9:06 AM Brian Wojcik Maryland House of Representatives

In just under 71 hours, we collected 1,301 signatures, and counting with our petition drive against Maryland House Bills 1346 and 1487. This campaign crossed continents with signatures all over the country and the world from those who own rental properties in Maryland.
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This community of small business and independent landlords is silent no longer... Well done, and thank you for putting the word out.

There is more good news to share: As of this morning, we learned and verified that Delegate Lafferty has withdrawn HB1346 from any further consideration during the 2017 Legislative Session. We have some people in Annapolis right now trying to find out more information, and determine the cause for withdrawal. Also, there is risk it can be re-introduced before Tuesday. Our work is not done!

Therefore, we are continuing the petition campaign. If you haven't shared it with a fellow rental owner/landlord yet, please do so. Post it on social media and email it to those you know in the community. Here is the link:

Thank you, and congratulate yourself on taking a stand to have your voice be heard! Let's continue to rally as a community and continue the petition drive so we may demonstrate the strength of our community if the bill gets re-introduced.

I'll be there on your behalf, and we'll be ready!

Brian Wojcik

Written by Brian Wojcik