Brian Wojcik Joins Landlord-Tenant Law Initiative with the Maryland People's Law Library

7/11/17 10:21 AM Brian Wojcik Legislative Topics, landlord tenant law

I am excited to be representing the voice of small business and independent landlords in a leadership capacity with the Maryland People's Law Library. I'll be contributing to the publishing of content to assist landlords in their court proceedings

One of the overall goals of the People's Law Library is to prevent disputes arising between Landlords and Tenants as a result of lack of understanding of legal requirements. To achieve this goal, we are tackling the following: 

  • Review of current resources to see what is presently available and accurate, what is missing, resources which have conflicting information, and identifying points in resources that could be updated.
  • Reduce the adversarial nature of the Landlord/Tenant relationship and promote the mutually beneficial aspects of  this relationship.

On June 7th, I attended a gathering of attorneys, law librarians, and communications experts at the Office of the Maryland Attorney General to prioritize steps we can take together toward better informing both landlords and tenants of their rights and duties under the law. The event, led by People’s Law, brought together participants from the Attorney General’s Office, Baltimore Neighborhoods Inc., the Conference of Maryland Court Law Library Directors, Green & Healthy Homes Initiative, the Judiciary, Landlord 411, Maryland Legal Aid,Maryland Multi-Housing Association, Pro Bono Resource Center, Public Justice Center, and Regional Management. Participants prioritized the most crucial among scores of potential topics, identified key elements and aspects of those topics, and discussed the possible scope of cooperation among organizations in creating, updating, translating, providing, and promoting public awareness of information resources.

I am honored to be a part of this initiative and excited about what it will mean for small business and independent landlords! 

Brian Wojcik

Written by Brian Wojcik