Landlord Law Change is Coming to Maryland

6/16/16 7:35 AM Brian Wojcik Legislative Topics

Maryland landlord/tenant law affects all counties.

Significant change to Landlord/Tenant Law is coming to the rental property business in Baltimore, Maryland, and possibly the DMV area.

Did you know:

  • Tenant water bill charges are no longer recoverable in Rent Court? It’s a result of the Felicia Lockett v. Blue Ocean Bristol higher court ruling and lower court interpretations of that ruling.
  • There was a report published by the Public Justice Center portraying rent court system as being heavily slanted in favor of landlords and detrimental to tenants?
  • about Senate Bill 801? It presents significant change in Baltimore and the entire state of Maryland because of the aforementioned report.

Small Business and independent Landlords in the U.S. represent 53% of all rental housing (single family or 2-4 unit properties). Yet, a collective voice with Policy Makers is missing. And significant change is coming!

We need your help. We have a voice at the table with Policy Makers and now we need your input. Please complete this four-minute survey. Our aim was to make your feedback structured and as easy as possible for you. We need to capture experiences from Landlords to be presented during the summer study review of SB 801. This is how we can affect change with Maryland Landlord/Tenant Law.

Further, Landlord 411 was created as an advocacy group to speak collectively on behalf of small business and independent landlords (please join our group to help show strength in numbers). We’ve created a strategic alliance with RERights a legal defense fund for landlords. (See our announcement for details.) We are working with a contact at the MMHA Legislative Affairs committee. With your feedback from the survey, your voice will be heard by the policy makers.

Further, it’s possible from your stories that Landlord 411 and RERights may decide to take legal action on your voiced matters if we see a pattern. Remember, RERights is a pro-bono legal defense fund (imagine, a “legal-aid” for Landlords).

Brian Wojcik

Written by Brian Wojcik