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Landlord Eviction Responsibilities

1/30/16 1:52 PM Rent Court Manager Eviction Notice

Landlords are responsible for carrying out the eviction. Different Counties have different rules as to whether or not you may simply change the locks, or if you need to move everything out and off the premises*. You may be required to hire a tow truck or two for for removal of tenant’s vehicles. You may need a moving crew of as many as 25 people, otherwise the Sheriff will cancel the eviction. Below is a reference for that is helpful in preparing for your eviction.

For residential evictions, landlords, management companies or representatives are responsible for:

Ensuring entry is swift, either with a key, locksmith, or someone to drill the lock and replace it. For the following counties, they must have an eviction crew with the stated manpower requirements.

Prince Georges County, Howard County, and the District of Columbia are required to have eviction crews, as stated below:

Property Type  Crew Size
House: 25 person
1 bedroom apartment: 10 person
2 bedroom apartment: 15 person
3 bedroom apartment: 20 person
Tow Truck Yes, one per tenant vehicle

Those are the minimum numbers of persons to be on site and available to work. Supervisory people won’t be counted toward the required total.


Other Landlord Requirements:

  • The landlord, or representative must be present during eviction.
  • The landlord must ensure the address being evicted reflects the exact address on the Writ (Warrant of Restitution) to include the apartment number, street address, or exact location. There can be no question as to the premises scheduled for eviction.
  • The contact number on the Writ must be reachable on Eviction day.
  • Ensure there is sufficient plastic bags or boxes available to secure all small items of tenant property. 

Information is subject to change since publication, verify with the appropriate jurisdictional authority.

Rent Court Manager

Written by Rent Court Manager