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Maryland county-by-county Rental License and Registration Requirements

The following list of Maryland Counties shows which have requirements. Use this to assist with your eviction filing based on the location of your property. If it’s required and you file without evidence of registration or license, your case will be dismissed. You'll want to verify and research yourself to be certain of your obligations as a landlord.

Understanding the Eviction Process

Want to avoid losing money and guard yourself against professional tenants who can use the eviction process against you? Check out the slideshow below, recently presented by Brian Wojcik, CEO of diyrealty.co, and Revee Walters of Offit Kurman to Meetup group Landlord411

What happens in Rent Court?

Housing matters between landlords and tenants are usually heard by the District Court, in a special Rent Court docket. Baltimore created the nation’s first Rent Court to hear housing cases between landlords and tenants. On a typical day, 800-1,000 cases are heard. In some counties, the pace at which housing cases are heard can be fast, depending on the whether or not the landlord and/or tenant appears and evidence (or lack thereof) presented.

One small step for a landlord… one giant leap for our community.

Landlord-Rallying Effort in Maryland Gives Hope


The World of Landlording is Flat... Or Is It?

Stubborn misconceptions about landlords and property managers have led to some disastrous legislation. It’s time to make your voice heard.

Eviction Notice Requirements: Prince George's County

The failure to pay rent complaint has gotten a judgement in favor of the landlord. Then the Warrant of Restitution was filed. What eviction procedure is next?

The detailed steps below show the eviction procedure for Prince George’s County Maryland. Follow these steps to ensure a successful eviction with your rental property.

Landlord Lead Paint Liability Protection Uncapped

Court of Appeals Uncaps Landlord Liability Protection

In October 2011, many of our clients at North Star Realty asked me what the increased risk was to them after the severance of the liability protection in the Lead Risk Housing Act occurred. Below is a summary I’d previously researched and wrote which can serve as a guide for your policies and procedures as a Landlord. It was originally prepared on February 1, 2012.

Landlord Eviction Responsibilities

Landlords are responsible for carrying out the eviction. Different Counties have different rules as to whether or not you may simply change the locks, or if you need to move everything out and off the premises*. You may be required to hire a tow truck or two for for removal of tenant’s vehicles. You may need a moving crew of as many as 25 people, otherwise the Sheriff will cancel the eviction. Below is a reference for that is helpful in preparing for your eviction.

Eviction Notice Requirements: Baltimore City

If granted your Warrant of Restitution, special notice requirements apply in Baltimore City.

Money Judgement in the Maryland Eviction Process

A Money Judgment is necessary to sue the tenant for money damages.

In other words, if you’d like to collect your back rent after an eviction, a money judgement is necessary.