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Playing the “Blame Game” Heralds Trouble for Rental Owners

Written by Brian Wocjik, CEO of diyRealty, Inc. for ThinkRealty

As landlords, we are unknowingly conducting our business in a Perfect Storm. By dictionary definition, this occurs when a rare combination of circumstances aggravate a situation drastically.

Petition Success!

In just under 71 hours, we collected 1,301 signatures, and counting with our petition drive against Maryland House Bills 1346 and 1487. This campaign crossed continents with signatures all over the country and the world from those who own rental properties in Maryland.
Read previous blog post outlining the issue here

Maryland Rental Property Owners: URGENT ACTION NEEDED

Two proposed pieces of legislation negatively affecting Maryland Rental Property Owners: HB1346 + HB1487

On Tuesday, March 7th, a hearing will be held for two new legislative bills which greatly impact Maryland Rental Property Owners. Your voice needs to be added to the conversation! This petition will be submitted as testimony by Maryland Multi-Housing Association.

Landlord Law Change is Coming to Maryland

Maryland landlord/tenant law affects all counties.

Weather Can Cause Eviction Delays

Pets can prevent evictions too (even snakes and lizards)… Rules are open to interpretation by the local authorities. Even if it’s not freezing, pets cannot be left curbside in cold weather.

Fair Housing Protected Classes by County/City