Our History

As landlords ourselves, we were handwriting Failure to Pay Rent and Warrant of Restitution forms; and, we spent countless hours in Rent Court. We understand the hassle of having to take tenants to court, and were determined to create an easier, more reliable solution for landlords, requiring absolutely no legal knowledge. We handle our clients' cases, start to finish, with our incredibly simple platform, automated case updates, and super accessible customer service - saving them time, money & stress. 

What We Do

The nuance of the law from one jurisdiction to the next is astonishing. We make understanding evictions clear so you can make an informed decision and have increased confidence regarding the eviction process. With Rent Court Manager, you'll be well-served and prepared, helping you avoid pitfalls and costly mistakes with your eviction.

  • Rent Court Manager provides an easy to use solution to file the required legal paperwork in court against tenants who don’t pay their rent.
  • We send an attorney to court at your hearing, so you don’t have to take a day off or work or rearrange your schedule to attend.. And if your tenant comes to court with an attorney, would you rather have an agent or an attorney arguing your case? We are proud to have retained the legal services of Offit Kurman to present our clients’ cases; our relationship with Offit Kurman is led by Revee Walters.
  • Our Rent Court Manager mobile-friendly interface give you the ability to quickly retrieve case history, view case status updates, create reports, and easily file multiple cases with just a few clicks.
  • We are an affordable option for the individual landlord who is filing one case, or for the third party property manager who may be filing tens or hundreds of cases per month.

Brian Wojcik CEO and Founder

Brian Wojcik

Brian Wojcik brings more than two decades of experience in engineering, executive management and real estate to diyRealty and Rent Court Manager. A highly trained and experienced operational consultant, he specializes in business process re-engineering. After a successful career as an engineer and top corporate executive, he has successfully transitioned into the real estate market, both as an investor and property manager. Wojcik earned his Bachelor of Science degree in manufacturing management from Clarkson University and his master of science degree in real estate from Johns Hopkins University. He currently serves as president-elect of the National Association of Residential Property Managers, Baltimore Chapter, and is a vocal advocate for landlords and property managers nationwide. 

How We Are Different:

It's a Snap: Fast & Easy Filing

We pride ourselves in having the simplest case filing interface, requiring no legalese on your part. Simply upload your property info and file claims in just a few clicks - and we'll take it from there!

Quick Help: Super Accessible Support

Have a question? In addition to our easy online FAQ, we will personally answer you call. Prefer email? You can reach us directly at any time, with a guaranteed response within 2 hours.

Stay Informed: Regular Case Updates

No more wasted time tracking down the status of your case! We send timely case notifications on filing status, changes and completion. We’ll also remind you when it’s time to file each month to ensure you don’t miss out on additional lost rent.

Other Features: 

  • 24/7 Online Dashboard: Our easy-to-navigate online dashboard gives you 24/7 access to your case status.
  • Simple Question Wizard: Our step-by-step question wizard prevents you from having to know legalese.
  •  Attorney Representation: Unlike other services that use agents,  our attorneys are prepared to argue your case on your behalf.
  •  Bulk Filing: Easily upload property information and file failure-to-pay-rent complaints in bulk. Contact us and we'll get you set up!