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    We're Here to Tell the Story of the Majority
    The truthful  story that most landlords do good

We believe that better landlords = happier tenants = strengthened communities. We invite you to join in advocated for this vision, and to be a cause for change.

Focus on the outcome and all can win

  • A strengthened community of skilled do-it-yourself (diy) landlords enhances their ability to operate in an an increasingly complicated legal landscape.
  • Tenant well-being is improved through housing stability resulting in numerous derived health and social benefits for those families and communities.

Improving skills for landlords is diyRealty’s innovation to solve complicated housing issues.

The legacy approach to resolve housing disputes has been to relieve hardship; our approach is dispute prevention. We’re committed to changing the perception of maligned landlords. Unfortunately, headlines of a few unscrupulous landlords unfairly cast a dark shadow over the majority of landlords who are doing good.

Small business and independent landlords provide 53% of all rental housing nationwide.

This is more than multi-family homes, and the majority of this housing is low income. The housing they provide is a significant value and contribution for community and housing stability. Countless landlords assist tenants during a time of need everyday, and those stories remain untold. Those acts of compassion and kindness are heroic to those tenants in need. We’re here to strengthen the landlord voice and create a thriving community of Housing Heroes that provide the majority of rental housing.