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    Our Mission
    Inspiring landlords to be housing heroes

Providing housing to those in need, or to others unable to purchase a home, is a noble cause. Skilled do-it-yourself (diy) landlords promote housing stability, which results in numerous derived health and social benefits for tenants and families in need; they are a hero to that family. Better landlords = happier tenants = strengthened communities.

Our Social Mission

Courageous commitment to create a better future

Conscious Capitalism adds value to solve social issues. Small movements create enormous impact and our effort is an aid to eradicate the affordable housing struggle.


Our Vision

Strengthen community through housing innovation

Create a movement that captures the listening of government and interested parties to understand the significant value and contribution to community that DIY landlords provide. Inspire federal, state, and local government to embrace public-private housing partnerships and remove legacy housing policy to create a quasi competitive landscape to encourage housing innovation. Policy establishes that a competitive-landscape naturally provides better and higher quality housing solutions than government.

Our Values

Strengthen community through housing innovation

By design, our values have been kept simple, rememberable and are intended for inward facing use and an outward facing commitment to public. These values are embodied as the core of our being as measured by our actions and decisions for us as individuals, among others, and to the world.

  • Autonomy:   Opportunity for self-direction and self-expression to produce what otherwise would not have emerged.
  • Mastery:   Embrace challenge and opportunity which elevates potential to make a contribution.
  • Purpose:   Advocate and be a cause to make the world a little bit better as reflected through the values and mission statements.