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    Save Time & Improve Your Bottom Line
    Software solutions designed to help new and experienced landlords
    navigate an increasingly complicated legal landscape

All of our landlord software solutions are intuitive, incredibly easy-to-understand  and require no legalese!  You'll not only save time, but spare yourself from the hassle of costly mistakes.  From our popular Rent Court Manager eviction software to our  application  and tenant screening  modules (coming soon), we've got you covered!

Currently Available

Rent Court Manager Filing Service

Rent Court Manager: Online Case Management & Filing

  • Intuitive and Easy to Use for the diy Landlord or experienced professional filing thousands of cases
  • Simple Question Wizard for Single Filing: A step-by-step question wizard prevents you from having to know legalese.
  • Bulk Filing: Easily file failure-to-pay-rent complaints in bulk, just drag and drop updated ledgers and voila, done.

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What We're Working on for Release in 2018

Eviction Case Management and Filing Suite

Landlord/Tenant filings for high volume filers will be more cumbersome, difficult, and prone for error when MD Electronic Court (MDEC) is required, beginning September 4, 2018. It will require both electronic and paper filing and will vary by county.

RCM Enterprise makes it easy as a seamless single-source solution for both FTPR’s and WOR’s regardless of which counties require electronic filing and which require paper forms.

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Eviction Case Management & Filing Suite
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The First Three Modules

Advertising & Syndication
Enter property information and pictures once, then advertise 23 websites with the click of a button.

Online Applications
Prospects respond with an application, upload supporting docs and pay: Free for Landlords.

Tenant Screening
Info is validated and assembled into a report to make it easy for you to make an informed decision.

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